What’s on when you might ask? 

Harpswell Community TV is TV for the people, by the people. So we don't produce programming ourselves, we depend on the community to provide videos to us, so we are always looking for local content.

Channel 14 is programmed around the Town of Harpswell's Government and MSAD 75 Meetings. 

Meetings play at 8am, 1pm, 8pm and over night - ending by 5:55am. 
We do our best to have any meeting provided to us, by the town, on TV within 24 hours. A look at the Town's Meeting Calendar and MSAD 75 Meeting Calendar will give you an idea of what you might expect to see. 

5:55am A Daily Devotion offered by members of the Great Island Church of the Nazarene.

News Hour: Midnight, 6am, 11 am and 6pm 
During these times you will hear local musicians and see public notices. If you are a non-profit and would like your announcement published please contact us. 

Local Programs generally play at 1am, 10 am, noon, 3 pm, 7pm 
and at other times as filler between meetings. 

Children’s Programs play at 7am and 5pm. 
We work with local teachers to find programming, which re-enforces curriculum goals.

Exercise with People Plus of Brunswick at 10am

Harpswell Aging at Home programs can be seen from 3pm-4pm. 
Occassionally a meeting may last longer than 2 hours, which in turn bumps HAH programming.

If you’re a channel surfer like me, you might find a program you stumble upon that grabs your attention and you stay. It can be frustrating to stumble onto something in the middle and not know if you will ever see the beginning. If this happens to you, drop us an email at harpswelltv@yahoo.com and we will work with you to replay it at a time you can watch it. 

For citizens who don’t have cable we can be viewed with an HD-TV and an antenna or at vimeo.com/harpswelltv or Harpswell Community TV on Roku. 

We stream Selectboard meetings at 6pm on the nights they meet. These can be found on Vimeo through a link on Harpswell TV’s or the Town of Harpswell’s website. 

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