Looking to help or get involved, this is the place. Although this page is under construction we hope to be including the many ways individuals or organizations can get involved. We hope to include information on how to donate your time or services, how to make small online donations through a push of a button and how to participate in a potential Go Fund Me initiative for capital projects. It is not all about money. If you would like help to learn how to produce your own show or if you already have one, feel free to contact us to talk about getting on air (restrictions will apply). You may be able to help in ways that we cannot even imagine. Please call or email with your thoughts and suggestions.

If you are looking to help immediately please contact Donna Frisoli at 207-833-2363. We are a 501(c)(3) and your donation may be tax deductible.
Harpswell Community Television Station
10 Community Dr Harpswell, ME, 04079 
Phone:  (207) 833-2363 

Station Manager: 
Donna Frisoli
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